Methods of Removing Tonsil Stones

Often enough I hear from people who are trying to get rid of their tonsil stones.  Some have tried some pretty radical methods from the seemingly painful to the disgusting.  I’m making this post to let you know what has worked for me.

Method #1
Dig out the tonsil stone with your finger.  Yes, this sounds gross but with some practice you can learn how to do this without gagging yourself.  This method is useful when you don’t have access to your bathroom at home.  You need to use the opposite hand  For example, if the tonsil stone is on the left side of your throat, use your right hand and vice versa  This will keep the smallest amount of foreign objects (your finger) in your mouth and reduce your urge to gag.  Use your index finger and poke the skin just below the tonsil stone.  Then push upward “milking” the tonsil stone out.  It will usually push out onto your fingernail and you can remove your finger.  This method can be hard to get used to but after you do, it is the quickest and easiest.

Method #2
If method one sounds too disgusting, try using a water pik.  Those dental water jets designed to blast water between your teeth.  You can pick them up relatively cheap online.  First set the water jets on the lowest setting and increase power until you are able to dislodge the tonsil stone.  You’ll want to do this rather quickly because the longer you keep the wand in your mouth, the more likely you are to gag.  If you have trouble getting behind the flap of skin at the back of your throat, try sticking out your tongue and saying “ahhh” like when you’re at the doctor’s office.

Method #3
Use a cotton swab to dig out the tonsil stone.  You may find this easier than using your finger.  Some prefer to moisten the swab with peroxide or water but others find that a dry swab “grabs” the tonsil stone better.  Try it both ways to decide what works for you.

Method #4 (not recommended)
Though I’ve heard of it being done, I do not recommend method 4 which involves using a toothpick to “stab” the tonsil stone and pull it out.  The reason I do not recommend this method is that the tonsil stone is likely to break apart when you pierce it with the toothpick.  Another reason is that poking delicate parts of your throat with a sharpened stick is likely to cause you to injure yourself.  Don’t use a toothpick or any other sharp instrument, especially when you first start trying to remove tonsil stones.  You’re bound to be a little jumpy until you get used to removing them.

Good luck.  Down with tonsil stones!

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