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Welcome to  This site was established to assist anyone seeking to learn more about what tonsil stones are, what causes them and how to prevent them or even how to remove them.

What are tonsil stones?

Tonsil stones are those nasty white or off-white spots you may  notice at some point in the back of your throat on the right or left side(s) where your tonsil “pockets” are.  These can be very unsettling when you first notice them.  The immediate conclusion that many people jump to is that it could be cancer.  However, tonsil stones are generally harmless so you shouldn’t panic.

These white spots are collections of debris that in turn, collects bacteria and gathers in the tonsils.  Aside from the sensation that you have something caught in your throat, tonsil stones are a major cause of bad breath.  While they can be quite annoying, you will most likely not come to any harm because of a tonsil stone problem.  What you can expect is halitosis or bad breath.

Tonsil Stone Remedies

Home remedies include eating raw garlic, onions, yogurt etc.  Most of these foods are suggested because of their bacteria fighting properties.  Gargling with salt water is also said to help to dissolve tonsil stones.  These measures can cut down on bacteria which contributes to tonsil stones.   While these can be effective, often a stronger antibacterial is needed.  There are some over the counter products available with mixed reports of success.  The standout is the tonsil stone kit created by Doctor Harold Katz.  The Katz solution seems to  had the greatest success in ridding sufferers of tonsil stones.

We welcome your input.  Please feel free to post your stories regarding what has worked and what has not in the prevention and/or removal of tonsil stones.